What Haldi ceremony really signifies?

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Maharashtra wedding tradition rituals #3

Significance of Haldi ceremony:

Haldi ceremony or Halad Chadavne (Marathi) is held two or three days before the wedding. During the Haldi ceremony, the bride and groom cast a paste of turmeric, chickpea flour, lemon juice, sandalwood and rosewater in hands, feet and face. It is believed that the yellow colour of the paste brightens the skin before the wedding and brings good luck to the couple. Haldi is the Hindi name of turmeric (turmeric in English). Turmeric is a root (similar to ginger) that dried and crushed into a powder of deep yellow.

Haldi Ceremony

It is widely used in India, both in gastronomy and events and religious festivals. They are attributed healing and purifying properties. Before the wedding, they arrange this Haldi ceremony (Halad Chadavne). In this ceremony,the bride and groom are bathed with water and / or milk and turmeric, in order to purify and prepare to start a new chapter in their lives. Turmeric mixed with rosewater, sandalwood oil and other fragrances until a thick paste. Traditionally the bathroom is done separately in the house of the groom and bride respectively, and after that, the couple should not be seen until the wedding day. This ritual was also made as a beauty treatment for the bride before the wedding.

The official application of henna is also done during a special ceremony called: Mehndi ceremony. Mehndi is the Hindi word for henna. Traditionally, henna designs are applied on the hands, arms and feet of the bride and it is one of the ornaments that brides should wear the wedding day. Generally, this ritual is organised by the family of the bride and is an intimate event where the bride, the women of her family and friends meet to apply henna.

Experts in applying mehndi are responsible for designing the most beautiful and complex "tattoos" for this occasion. It is said that the more intense the colour of henna on the skin of the bride, groom want more. In addition, the expert applying mehndi put the initials of the groom hidden among the designs. This is one of the most celebrated traditions in Marathi marriage.

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