Importance of Sakharpuda ceremony in Maharashtrian Marriage

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Maharashtra wedding tradition rituals #1

Sakharpuda basically mean sugar and a packet of box. In this ceremony, the soon-to-be bridegroom's parents give a pack of sugar to the bride, while the bride's parents give a coconut and coin to the future bridegroom. This basically signifies a promise by both the parents to give their children in marriage to the other. In this ceremony both bride and bridegroom exchange rings with each other and engagement is done.

Maharashtrian Marriage

On this occasion, people make Maharashtrian style shira-bhat or kurma puri etc. This exchange shows the love and respect between both the families. The Maharashtrian bride is also gifted sarees and green bangles by her in-laws. The wedding card is printed only after Sakharpuda ceremony. There are many traditions followed in Maharashtrian marriage, which will be discussed in series of blogs later.


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