5 Signs That Prove You Are In Love

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Love remains one of the most complicated and difficult to decipher phenomena. Sometimes you may fall in love with someone without even realizing it because you do not dare to confess. To find out if you are in love with him/her or not, read these 5 signs that prove you are in love.

5 Signs That Prove You Are In Love

5 Signs That Prove You Are In Love are:

Like to see him/her happy
You think his/her happiness is also yours, you like to see him/her flourish, happy and that person’s smile always makes you good. You are even ready to do anything to make him/her happy, you certainly do not admit it to him/her but your behavior and words testify.

You do things for him/her spontaneously
He/she never asks you to do something for him/her, but you do it anyway and without complaint, not because you want recognition, but simply because it makes you immensely happy and give you a sense of satisfaction. And in love we love to give than receive something.

You want to share everything with him
When something happens or you have a story to tell, he/she is always the first person you call to talk about what happened to you: You met a former classmate, you spilled coffee on your white shirt, and you missed the subway this morning! Whatever happens, you always want to tell him/her everything and you do not even know why you do it.

You value his/her advice and you care about what he/she thinks
When he/she gives you advice, you not only take them into consideration but you also make sure you follow them later. You do not like to be judged but his/her opinions are very important to you. You let yourself be influenced by his/her opinions because you secretly want his/her approval, even if you know that this is not always the right thing to do.

You feel his/her pain
As you consider that his/her happiness is yours, you also feel that his/her pain is also yours. You worry about him/her when he goes through difficult times. However this empathy and compassion there is the first stage of love, the more you care about his/her feelings and his/her pains the more you love him/her.

You trust him
This is the last signs in  total 5 signs that prove you are in love. You trust him/her because you know somewhere that he/she will never break your heart and you think he/she will always keep your secrets. You consider that to tell him/her everything about you just to stay close.

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