Importance of Simant pujan ceremony in Marathi wedding

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Maharashtra wedding tradition rituals #4

What Simant pujan ceremony signifies?

Simant basically means limits or boundary, in Simant pujan ceremony the groom and his every family member comes to the limits of brides home. Nowadays there are some changes in this ceremony as earlier this ceremony would take place before the wedding but nowadays Simant pujan ceremony takes place on the wedding day itself.

Simant pujan ceremony

The puja of the groom is done by bride’s mother. She then cleans groom’s feet with water and also applies kumkum tilak and she also does aarti and also presents gifts to him. Then the groom’s mother gives gifts like sarees and jewelry to their future bride. Madhupak is offered to groom’s family members. Gift’s like suit, jewelry etc are given by bride’s family. This is next followed by special lunch. This is how the Simant pujan ceremony is ended on a happy note.

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