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The Evolving Scenario of Indian marriage

Legally, a recent advance was made in favor of the protection of women in Indian Marriage. In 2006, the president of the Indian union Abdul Kalam Azad approved the bill on domestic violence. This bill contains many texts that place the rights of woman and men on an equal level:

Indian Marriage

Rights you have in Indian Marriage:

  • The man can no longer force his wife to have unwanted relationships
  • Banning bigamy in Indian marriage
  • Prohibition of marriage of children
  • Prohibition of forced marriages
  • The divorce without fault is recognized.

But of course, these innovations within the family and the traditional patterns that compose it have not delighted everyone, such as the foundation to save the Indian family.

But Indian society began to evolve in spite of the requests of the traditionalists. In 2007,

  • 14% of marriages ended in divorce, compared with only 5% in 1980
  • In cities,the average age of marriage of women is included in 26 and 30 years
  • 25% of city dwellers choose their partner, which was still impassable a few years ago
  • 1/5 of women have a clean income in cities

Obviously, this situation is displeasing to many men who see this independence very badly. For them the woman must be accommodating, not to complain and to be devoted in spite of the sufferings. But other men consider this vision outdated, and that these new laws will allow greater equality between the rights and duties of both spouses. Attention is important to note that there is a very important gap between the conceptions of people living in cities that are more open to the role of women, whereas, in the countryside, where tradition is still deeply rooted, the woman must retain her traditional role.

Although this law is a true legal evolution for women in India, the major problem remains its application. Each year 50 million women are still victims of domestic violence in India and only 0.1% of them file complaints.

There is still a long way to go so that the good feelings, love stories, and Indian marriage in Bollywood movies become a reality for Indian women.




After Marriage Advice : Top 5 Happy Marriage Tips

After Marriage
If you want to live a happy married life then you can follow some of our after marriage tips, which will help you to attain that happiness. How can we remain positive even in our difficult times? Some human beings have predispositions to happiness; others will need psychological support or medical assistance from depression.

After Marriage Advice: Top 5 Happy Marriage Tips are:

After Marriage tip #1: Forget the past
Living in the moment! At the risk of being saturated by this concept, it is nevertheless a more valuable advice. We cannot change the past, often punctuated by unfortunate events that we regret. So remembering these thoughts prevents us from living peacefully and positively.
As for the future, we know nothing about it and we cannot guarantee it. To live totally the present moment by accomplishing all the tasks connected with it allows us to appreciate life and the riches that it offers us.

After Marriage tip #2. Believe in yourself
Stopping to seek the approval of others and trust in one's own convictions is not easy. The problem is that we want to satisfy everyone, just for the need of love and for fear of rejection. Self-confidence requires patience and self-indulgence, but when it is reached, it becomes an invaluable force to face life in a positive way.

After Marathi Marriage tip #3. Forgive
Learning to forgive is an act that makes us free from the negative feelings that can contaminate our lives. Of course, it is not a question of approving wrongdoing, but of understanding it. All the energy expended in nourishing our anger towards those who have wounded us is a real poison to our soul. Forgiveness makes us true human beings. So this can be considered as an important after marriage tips as you will need to forgive many times.

After Marriage tip #4. Give a positive look to others
We can always improve our relationships with people around us, i.e. our family and friends by accepting them as they are and appreciating their qualities rather than focusing on them. So always look at the positive aspect of your husband/wife and this will make your life much happy after marriage.

After Marathi Marriage tip #5. Laughter
When we were children, every opportunity was good for laughing. Stress in our adult life has prevented us from laughing and sometimes even smiling. Some of the researches from past show the beneficial effects of laughter to chase negative thoughts and counteract the consequences of stress. Unlike anxiety that accelerates heart rate, laughter triggers more breathing exchanges facilitating better oxygenation of the blood. When we are stressed, our muscles are tense. Laughter causes muscle relaxation at the level of the body as a whole. Researchers seem to say that a laugh is equivalent to ten minutes of complete relaxation!

These were the 5 best after marriage tips for every couple. So even if you are single then no worry, you can join Anupamshaadi: Marathi Matrimony site and register for free. You can find many perfect matches at Anupamshaadi, and you can also UN-Single yourself.